Talking About Talking About Israel

By Katie Moore

Dialogue is divisive, but it's our best hope too.

Twenty-First-Century Energy Wars

By Michael T. Klare

Global conflicts and energy wars are increasingly fueled by the desire for oil and natural gas—and the funds they generate.

Fighting Fire With Fire

By Katie Moore

A paradoxical approach to getting money out of politics.

How To Forgive Your Torturer

By Ariel Dorfman

One man's journey of forgiveness and reconciliation.


Don’t Walk Away from War — It’s Not the American Way

By Tom Englehardt

The author of this blog writes that while a commitment to a military-first attitude may be the American way, it has not made the world a safer or freer place.

Choreographed War and Other Aspects of the World’s Greatest Game

By Eduardo Galeano

Considered by many as the world's greatest game, soccer's historical expansion into Latin America highlighted certain realities of sports fanaticism.

Feminism Has Just Started (and It’s Not Stopping Now)

By Rebecca Solnit

Feminism and women's rights are like Pandora's Box, in that even if they are closed off by law or mandate, the ideas will be forever free.

Resisting the Vietnam War Draft

By Bruce Dancis

Bruce Dancis reminisces on his history and highlights of resisting the Vietnam War draft as a student at Cornell University.