Twisting Lung Function Measurements Based on Race

By Lundy Braun

How "race-correcting" lung function measurements became the basis of an asbestos lawsuit.

Stanley Levison: Quiet Underwriter of the Civil Rights Movement

By Ben Kamin

Stanley Levison was one of Martin Luther King’s closest advisors and friends, but their association put strain on the entire Civil Rights movement.

Nonviolent Tactics Most Effective

By Katie Moore

A report looks at 323 movements to see which were most successful.

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety and Other Pressing Issues

By Katie Haegele

How to tackle the tough topics — gun safety, evolution and more — with your pet.


Coercive Relationships and Forced Labor in America

By Denise Brennan

Individuals working in forced labor are oftentimes in coercive relationships with their captors which can lead to fear of escape.

The Future is Not Ours (and Neither is the Past)

By Tom Engelhardt

Requiem for the American Century: Turning 70, paragraph by paragraph

Talking About Talking About Israel

By Katie Moore

Dialogue is divisive, but it's our best hope too.

Twenty-First-Century Energy Wars

By Michael T. Klare

Global conflicts and energy wars are increasingly fueled by the desire for oil and natural gas—and the funds they generate.

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