Reclaim Hope: Reflecting on the Occupy Movement

By Adam Bucko and Matthew Fox

Co-authors Adam Bucko and Matthew Fox reflect upon the Occupy movement and how many of the protestors at the Occupy sites share a common desire to reclaim hope in the American Dream.

Have You Given Up? The State of Activism in America

Utne readers from three generations weigh in on the state of activism in America today through the generational survey “Have You Given Up?”

A Dishonest Broker

by Chase Madar

Unpacking U.S. aid to Israel.

Pennsylvania Fracking: Welcome to Frackville

By Kim Sorvig, from Landscape Architecture Magazine

A landscape architect takes a closer look at the Pennsylvania fracking boom to prepare for fracking near his home in New Mexico.


National Domestic Workers Alliance Fights for Higher Minimum Wage

By Staff, Utne Reader

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is fighting for domestic workers’ rights in a care industry long ignored by U.S. labor law.

The Journey of Nishiyuu

By Terrance Hall, from Cultural Survival Quarterly

In Canada, six James Bay Cree youth embarked on the 1,000-mile Journey of Nishiyuu to reclaim Aboriginal Treaty Rights and fight First Nations poverty.

How to Win the War on Poverty

by Sam Ross-Brown

Welfare programs have long attacked the symptoms of poverty. What if we targeted the roots?

Recognizing Gay Divorce Equality

By Margaret Klaw

Few options for law-based asset distribution are available in states that that do not recognize same-sex marriage and cannot perform gay divorce or in states lacking civil-union laws.