The Dangerous Return of Water Privatization

By Maude Barlow and Wenonah Hauter, from Sojourners

Community waters systems have sustainably provided safe drinking water for generations but corporations are now using local fiscal crises to push for water privatization.

The Rule of Emperors

by Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers on covering class war.

The Next Big Housing Bubble?

by Laura Gottesdiener

Wall Street took your house, now it wants your rent check.

The U.S. Border Goes Global

by Todd Miller

With Homeland Security training border guards and patrolling checkpoints in more than 100 countries, the edges of empire are getting harder to find.


The Hunger Cliff

by Sam Ross-Brown

Deep cuts in the safety net have enabled a man-made disaster of food insecurity.

Dirty War on Terror

by Jeremy Scahill

For the Obama administration, perpetual war is its own justification.

The Struggle for Social Mobility Among China’s Young Migrant Women

By Cara Wallis

Discover how mobile phones offer Chinese migrant women a real chance at social mobility.

The Desert of Israeli Democracy

by Max Blumenthal

A trip through the Negev Desert leads to the heart of Israel’s national nightmare.