Oglala Lakota: Can a Tribe Make Good on Its Badlands?

By Brendan Borrell, from High Country News

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation’s impoverished Oglala Lakota may soon manage the Badlands’ South Unit as the country’s first tribal national park.

A Brief History of Squatting: Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space

By Arun Gupta, from In These Times

New York’s Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space charts generations of urban revolt, from Critical Mass rides to guerilla gardening to OWS.

Leaks and Consequences

by Lincoln Caplan

Why treating leakers as spies puts journalists at risk.

Syrian Women Organize for Security, One Tent at a Time

by Rafif Jouejati

Syria's Jasmine Tent Project will help women say "no" to gender inequality and sexual violence.


Beating Swords into Solar Panels

by Mattea Kramer and Miriam Pemberton

How to repurpose America's war machine.

Forty Days of Action for Immigrant Rights

by Laurie Smolenski

As the immigration reform bill remains in limbo, immigration activists are confronting human rights abuses and border militarization.  

Animal Food Checkoff Programs and the Economics of Meat Production

By David Robinson Simon

Animal food checkoff programs are benefiting the animal food production industry, but not the consumers.

Teenagers in Space (The Secret History of G.I. Joe, Part 2)

by Tom Engelhardt

How warfare reentered childhood.

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