Medicinal Marijuana Comes to Washington DC

By Suzanne Lindgren

The impending arrival of medical marijuana in Washington DC highlights the federal government's mixed messages about weed.

Advanced Math as Our Weapon

By Staff, Utne Reader

Students at Chicago’s Social Justice High School use advanced math to better understand the foreclosure crisis, gentrification and deportations affecting their community.

Subsidized Housing That’s Luxurious and Affordable

By Ryan Holeywell, from Governing

For a subsidized housing program that really works, look to Vienna, Austria.

Palestinian Activists: The Secret History of Nonviolence

By Nicholas Jahr, from Jewish Currents

Below mass media’s radar, Palestinian activists have a long history of nonviolent resistance, including hunger strikes, prisoner resistance, and freedom rides.      


A Win-Win Idea for Solving Urban Blight

By Staff, Utne Reader

Race Street Pier in Philadelphia is the model for a new idea to tackle urban blight along abandoned industrial waterfronts by establishing public access to new recreational areas.

Green Politics in the United States

By John Ely

To form true green politics in the United States, ecological groups need to become more political or politically sophisticated organizations need to develop a concern with ecology.

What Obama's Speech Means for the Antiwar Movement

by Ken Butigan

While President Obama’s May 23 speech did not signal a major change in the War on Terror, in addressing concerns about human rights for the first time, the speech demonstrated the antiwar movement’s growing power.  

The Federal Government Recognized the Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana 40 Years Ago

By Alfred Ryan Nerz, excerpted from his new book “Marijuanamerica”

The fascinating story of Irvin Rosenfeld, one of only four people in the United States who the federal government provides medical marijuana to, and has been for the last 40 years.