Reconstructing Black Masculinity: Challenging Stereotypes

By Mychal Denzel Smith

Black masculinity in America is often defined by either how it conforms into dominant “respectable” culture or how it diverges from the dominant white culture, but black men often find themselves somewhere on the spectrum – not aligning themselves solely to either societal expectation of black masculinity.

Making Sense of the Deportation Debate

By Aviva Chomsky

How Bill Clinton and Barack Obama laid the groundwork for Trump’s immigration policies.

Forbidden Questions?

By Andrew J. Bacevich

24 key issues that neither the Washington elite nor the media consider worth their bother.


Why the GOP Congress Will Stop Trump from Going Too Far

By Daniel Stid, from Washington Monthly

The coming resistance from Republican lawmakers who hate Trump, fear executive overreach — or both.

Prepare, Pursue, Prevail!

By Andrew J. Bacevich

Onward and upward with U.S. Central Command

Drowning the World in Oil

By Michael T. Klare, from TomDispatch

Trump’s carbon-obsessed energy policy and the planetary nightmare to come.

Women Mayors Lead Charge on Climate Change

By Andrea Cooper, special to Utne Reader

This worldwide alliance of major-city mayors believe their cities must take the lead on fighting climate change.

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