On the Front Lines: The Firsthand Account of a Cold War Correspondent

By Melissa Burch

Follow Cold War correspondent Melissa Burch as she documents the conflict between the Soviet Union and the Mujahedeen.

Why “Black Lives Matter” Matters

By Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Racism in America is something that has persisted since the day this country began. And while there have been many outcries at the injustice, none has been so universally prevalent as Black Lives Matter.

Black Culture and History Matter

By Kirsten Mullen, from The American Prospect

It took 150 years after America officially abolished slavery to get a national museum on the black experience.

Angels, Protesters, and Patriots

By Chris A. Smith, from California

What a long-ago skirmish involving the Hells Angels says about love of country.


Surviving the Silly Season

By Kevin Powell, special to Utne Reader

A diary of the circuses that were the Republican and Democratic national conventions.

The Deeply Political Act of Caring

By Joan C. Tronto

The act of caring may seem like a simple notion, but many choose to reject caring about certain life changing political processes.

The Political Prison

By Mark Satin

Author Mark Satin believes there are six characteristics that bind our society – find out what they are.

Our Lives as Unhappy Consumers

By Mark Boyle

As we lose touch with the world around us, we become dependent on technology, on quantity over quality, and on consuming rather than experiencing. We should be working to fix that.

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