The Evolutionary Mismatch Between Politics and Neuroscience

By Chris Moody, from Bookforum

Why our Stone Age brains struggle with the complexities of modern politics.

Justice Rising: Remember How to Break the Rules

By Raj Patel, from Justice Rising

The legend of one Yale professor’s advice: break a rule every day.

Defusing the Politics of Anger

By Nick Licata, from Becoming a Citizen Activist

Productive activism starts with learning how to listen.

Yours, Not Sitting on a Pumpkin

By Louis Phillips, from Smithsonian Magazine

What can you offer the man who has it all? Trump finds out when he tries to buy Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond.


It Can't Happen Here ... Can It?

By Bob Dreyfuss

Trump’s storm troopers and the possibility of American fascism.

Coverage of Presidential Elections Since 1984

Explore how past presidential elections have shaped our current political climate with this look through the Utne Reader archives.

American Democracy Down for the Count

By Ann Jones

Or What Is It the Scandinavians Have That We Don’t?

Global Religion in the 21st Century

By Mark Jeurgensmeyer, Dinah Griego and John Soboslai

Finding different religions’ places in an interconnected world.