Science & Technology

Solar Roadways: A Path to Renewable Energy

By Katie Moore

Modular solar panels will capture the sun's rays as we drive, bike, and play.

The Exosuit Opens New Frontiers for Science

by Trinica Sampson

This high-tech diving suit will change the future of oceanography and medical science.

Albert Einstein, the Humanitarian

By Alice Calaprice; compiled by Walt Martin and Magda Ott

Along with his renowned scientific accomplishments, Albert Einstein should be acknowledged for his humanitarian struggles to achieve peace and international cooperation.

Albert Einstein and the State of Humanity

By Albert Einstein; compiled by Walt Martin and Magda Ott

A look into Albert Einstein’s musings on the state of humanity, moral decay and the quest for objective truth.


Overpopulation and the Green Revolution

By Alan Weisman, from Countdown

The Green Revolution saved many from starvation, but its father, Norman Borlaug, knew it was only half the answer. The other? Slowing population growth.

Open Systems and Glass Ceilings

By Astra Taylor

Has the over-representation of "well-off white men" led to the creation of a glass ceiling in the digital realm, where despite the lack of a barrier to entry, minority voices are still marginalized?

Suspended Animation is Within Our Grasp

by Trinica Sampson

Science fiction becomes reality as doctors prepare to bring suspended animation to human patients.

Pop-Up House: The Affordable Passive House

by Trinica Sampson

The Pop-Up House makes passive construction easy with a Lego-like assembly.

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