How to Watch Astronauts from Your Backyard

| 12/11/2009 4:25:43 PM

When I saw amateur astronomer Ralf Vandebergh's photos of astronaut Joe Acaba on a spacewalk, I did the only natural thing: I cursed. I'm guessing that's what Ralf did too. It was a welcome reminder of a great piece we reprinted in the magazine a few issues back about sidewalk astronomy. The piece was penned by a sidewalk astronomer for the zine Geneva13. It was all about cursing the heavens:

One evening I was showing some college students the planet Saturn through the telescope. Suprita, a sophisticated and polite student from India, took one look, breathed in audibly, and came down the stepladder. “Can I curse?” she asked. I shrugged. Suprita stepped back up to the eyepiece and let out a string of obscenities in a discordantly lovely accent.

Ready for some cussing? Here's what Ralf saw:

Source: WiredGeneva13