Can Stress Turn Your Hair Gray?

| 11/15/2007 10:19:56 AM

Next time you blame your coworkers, your friends, or your significant other for turning your hair gray, don’t look to science to back you up. So far, researchers have found no link between gray hair and stress, according to an October 24 article from the Scientific American. There are, however, plenty of unsubstantiated theories on why stress could turn you gray. It could damage hair cells, disrupting bodily signals, but the theories remain unproven. In the meantime, it’s probably best to blame your family, and their genetic coding, for all those silver tresses.—Bennett Gordon

(Thanks to 3QuarksDaily for the tip.)

Richard Hamilton
12/10/2007 8:55:10 PM

The last two presidents went gray during office. Was stress responsible?

11/15/2007 10:14:22 PM

Anecdotal evidence certainly backs up the stress-causing-gray-hairs: in college, when I lived an idyllic life only occasionally interrupted by the necessary essayings or readings, I had not a single gray hair. Cut to now, when I am bent over a computer, working long hours, and sprouting gray hairs like I was George Clooney. Stress, I lame blame at your feet. Check out Cecil Adams, myth-buster extra-ordinare, explain why people think stress causes gray hair:

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