From the Stacks: Science News

| 5/13/2008 2:20:50 PM

/uploadedImages/utne/blogs/Science_and_Technology/Science News.jpgRecently redesigned and now biweekly rather than weekly, the venerable Science News chugs along at an awe-inspiring pace. The sheer diversity of scientific information contained in a single issue defies all reason. Except not, since Science News, a 2007 Utne Independent Press Award winner, details the cutting edge of research and reason, highlighting everything from how driving distractions “sap brain power” to new evidence that suggests what was once thought to be “nanobacteria” is not bacteria at all (it's actually a mineral). The publication is hardcore, geeked-out, and information-dense, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t well-reported and well-written. It offers excellent feature writing, including the May 10 issue’s cover story on “carbon sequestration.” For anyone who consistently marvels at newly minted technologies and the wonders of obscure research, Science News is the wellspring you’ve been missing.

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