Gaza's Cyber War

| 1/13/2009 12:31:28 PM

The Israeli-Palestinian war has spread to the Internet" href="" target="_blank">Hacker

The Israeli-Palestinian war has spread to the Internet" href="" target="_blank">The Israeli-Palestinian war has spread to the Internet, where hackers loyal to both sides are “defacing” websites to spread information and photos from the battlefield, Jon Gordon reports for Future Tense.

Jart Armin, who Gordon describes as a “cyber warfare researcher,” says the hackers have been fighting since 2001, but recently stepped up their efforts by attacking websites in Europe. Palestinian hackers have been particularly active, says Armin, breaking into websites to post photos of dead or injured people. Turkish hackers have enlisted too, which could spell trouble, according to Armin, because they’re among the best in the world. One Turk claims the world record for bringing down 20,000 websites in a single hour.

Indeed, the famed Turkish hackers are already living up to their reputation. According to the Sofia News Agency, “Two websites maintained by NATO and the US Army have been defaced by the Turkish group Agd_Scorp/Peace Crew as a protest against the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.”

Photo by gutter, licensed under Creative Commons.

Lance Winslow
1/22/2009 2:01:00 AM

Yes, this is true and there are many followers willing to go online and slander anyone who makes a legitimate comment about this conflict. It's amazing the "Dark-Internet Tactics" - going on right now. Amazing, how the media and Internet are being used in this vein. We've seen incoming attempts at attacking our websites over this issue as well. I am quite concerned, yet hardly surprised. - Lance

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