How Spammers Make Money

| 12/10/2008 9:39:29 AM

No Spam!Spammers go through a lot of trouble to sell “male enhancement” pills, “genuine” college degrees, and other schlock to a bunch of people who don’t want anything to do with them. And yet the emails keep coming.

So how many unsuspecting rubes does it take to keep these spammers in business? According to, spammers can make a ton of money if just one person in 12,500,000 responds.

(Thanks, Newmark’s Door.)

Brian H
12/21/2008 10:27:02 AM

And there're WAY more ijits than that, among internet users or any group, anywhere. 'Scuse me, I've got a mass emailing to do ... "Last chance! Send your $10 now!"

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