How to Get Your Privacy Back from Facebook

| 4/26/2010 3:20:09 PM

Facebook Screen

Every time privacy policies are tweaked at Facebook, you should be worried. The company is looking for new ways to make money, and in this day and age that means selling you things. And all of those personal details you've entered into your Facebook account are the keys to the monetization kingdom. Maybe that works just fine for you. That's not the problem. As users, we ought to have a clear choice and we don't. That's the problem. Since the most recent changes this month, we've been bumping into all sorts of sharp commentary on Facebook privacy and helpful guides to getting your privacy back. Here's the best of what we've found:

Want to get right to it and restore your privacy settings right now? Here's Valleywag's How to Restore Your Privacy on Facebook. And here's Mashable's guide to Disabling "Instant Personalization."

Perhaps the best analysis of the recent changes came via the Twitter account of tech-guru Anil Dash: "Will someone ask [CEO Mark Zuckerberg] why he doesn't use Facebook's default privacy at F8 tomorrow? If it's not good enough for him then why's it OK for us?"

Here's a creepy tool: Want to know what data Facebook published about you? It's a sluggish tool, since it seems the entire internet is there typing in usernames, but here it is:

In her CNET column, How Facebook Is Putting its Users Last, Molly Wood has this to say:

Evilash akashiya
8/10/2012 3:15:08 PM

hi im new here i was woundin if i may have a lil help. i have a brother who has lost everythin from his info like all his brothers n sisters n ect. so i was woundin how could he get it all back. ive been tryin 2 help him get everythin back but not sure y it got rid of everythin with brothers n sisters n ect he spoke 2 me n wen me n my brother was talkin he felt so sad cuz everythin on his profile on fb has gone. if they is anyway he can get everythin back tht would be helpful. ty. =)

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