If Only Darth Vader Had a Segway

| 5/7/2009 4:42:33 PM

vadersaberYou can never be prepared for what you find on the irreverent pages of VICE. The current issue (Technology-themed) houses one of the magazine's tamer efforts, in which correspondent Jason Crombie introduces readers to the staff’s newly-invented sport: Sabersegging—which is exactly what you’d think it is—wielding a light saber while atop a Segway. An activity reserved for true nerd enthusiasts.

Crombie documents his training, both at a Jedi academy with lightsaber enthusiasts and with a colorful Segway guru fond of the ladies (and even a little Segway S&M if you can believe it). After learning to lock, rebound, and follow-through, Crombie mounts-up to battle his Jedi teacher. The experience is perhaps best viewed. Lucky for us, here it is:

Source: VICE

Image by kevindooley, licensed under Creative Commons.

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