Macintosh Celebrates a Quarter Century

| 1/22/2009 10:24:19 AM

Old Macintosh computerIt’s been 25 years since Apple introduced its first Macintosh computer, and even with an economy resembling a swirling vortex of failure, the company and its products are still going strong, according to the Wall Street Journal. To celebrate the Mac's silver anniversary, CNET put together a series of articles exploring the computer’s history and future potential, interviewing some of the project’s early team members, and asking readers to share their favorite memories of the landmark invention.

Image courtesy of Creek Hopper, licensed under Creative Commons.


1/24/2009 9:01:17 AM

How old am I?? I had one of those cool little buggers in college and still think of it as "new fangled." What would be interesting to know is how many different computers the company has invented and produced since. I would be surprised if it trumped my age. Still a sucker for Macs... D.

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