Mindful Living Short Takes

| March / April 2007

Alternative First-Aid Kit

from the Ecologist

Help your loved ones beat the cold season, minor scrapes and bumps, and the daily stress of life with a natural first-aid kit. All you need is an old shoebox, a tin, an unused cosmetics bag, or anything else suitable to hold your kit. Here are some suggestions on what to fill it with:

Essential oils: Lavender oil, soothing, antiseptic, useful in treating burns and as a sleep aid. Peppermint oil for instant headache relief; also a decongestant. Tea tree oil, a good general disinfectant for cuts and grazes and occasional blemishes.

Tinctures/remedies: A bottle of Rescue Remedy or similar all-purpose flower remedy for the stress and fatigue of daily life. Echinacea tincture; if you can get this in a spray, so much the better, as it can double as a throat spray and disinfectant for cuts. Propolis tincture, good for cold sores and sore throats.

Salves: An all-purpose herbal salve such as calendula, comfrey, or hypercal. Badger balms for a range of problems from sore feet to insomnia, cuts, and grazes. Traumeel, a homeopathic anti-inflammatory cream made from 14 plant extracts, which is good to treat pain and bruising. Manukacare 18+ (Manuka honey has well-researched antibacterial properties; honey in general is also known to be antifungal), good for cuts, grazes, and burns.

For colds: Potter's Allerclear nasal spray, based on sea salt, to help soothe and clear congestion.