The Thunderstorm is Half-Full

| 6/23/2011 12:59:28 PM


It has been raining off and on in Minneapolis for five days straight. Last night the city dipped into the low 50s, which exacerbated the needling wind and drizzle. It’s the end of June. What happened to the glorious summer? Weatherman, if we’re going to have the few tolerable, fleeting months stolen, could you lie to us? Or at least pretend to be a little optimistic?

screen_7-smaThat’s the motivation behind Optimistic Weather, a new Android application designed by Nation that glosses over the daily forecast’s more disheartening details. And what’s more, whenever you scope out the next day’s forecast, the app always predicts a splendorous sunny day.

“The idea for the app came out of a conversation we were having in the studio about how wrong some online weather services appeared to be, and that it would be interesting if there was a service that lied to you when the weather was going to be rubbish,” Nation designer Tom Hartshorn told Fast Company. The design firm is fittingly based in London, a city known for its dismal weather, dry wit, and delusional positivism.

When a massive thunderstorm is on the way, for example, the app muses: “What? Is this the end of the world? Any chance the thunder gods will get tired and this will just go away?”

You can download Optimistic Weather for free from the Android Market. 

6/29/2011 10:20:23 AM

Heck yeah, let's have an app tha tells us war is good for us, pollution, global warming, environmental poisoning is a happy thing. How about an app that lets us know that politicians and wealthy business folks are all for us...they are our friends....they want what's best for us. Maybe an app that reminds us that unregulated population growth, more and more cute little babies, is a swell idea. Say, let's remind ourselves daily with smiley faces that selling guns and bombs and missles and implements of death and destruction all over the world will lead to world peace, happiness, and more sunshine. I'm all for it...count me in!!!

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