Smarter Phones Diagnose Diseases

| 7/23/2009 3:27:44 PM

Cell Phone MicroscopeMost phones can take photos and send texts. Now, researchers have developed one that can diagnose disease. Technology Review reports that the new “Cellscope” works like a microscope that straps onto cell phones to analyze spit or blood samples on slides. The contraption can use specialized software to diagnose the samples on the spot, or it can send the images off to specialized centers for further study. Experts believe the technology could prove helpful in remote parts of the world—where health infrastructure is lacking but cell phone coverage is improving—in helping to treat common diseases like tuberculosis and malaria.

Source: Technology Review

Image by David N. Breslauer et al., from PLOS1.

7/27/2009 3:34:18 PM

I was at the CITRIS facility on the UC Berkeley Campus the other day and got to see the model of this thing in the display case and read up on it. I believe it was a group of Berkeley undergrads who came up with the prototype. Fantastic genius here in the Bay Area, and something to get excited about in the midst of all the unfortunate California news.

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