UtneCast: Corporate Doublespeak, War Photography, and Paleo-Future


Paleo-Futuristic PlaneThe year 2009 looked very different when seen from the 1950s. Nuclear powered cars roamed the streets and people feasted on meal pills for dinner. Matt Novak sifts through these past visions of the future and compiles them on his blog Paleo-Future.

For the latest episode of the UtneCast, senior editor Jeff Severns Guntzel and assistant web editor Bennett Gordon sit down with Novak to talk about what these paleo-futuristic visions mean to our culture, and what the future might look like. Other topics covered in the episode include the greatest hits of corporate jargon and a guide to war photography.


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Tom Hendricks
4/2/2009 8:22:49 PM

If this old magazine cover is any indication, seems the art was better in the faux 2009 too.

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