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Digital Revolution Concerns: Kids on Facebook

By Raffi Cavoukian

Raffi Cavoukian, author of "Lightweb Darkweb," shares some of his digital revolution concerns like kids on Facebook.

Lactase Persistence: The Milk Revolution

By Staff, Utne Reader

The development of lactase persistence—or the ability to drink milk—may help explain Europe’s Neolithic transition from hunter-gatherers to early agricultural societies.

The Promise and Peril of 3D Printing

By Peter Nowak, from Corporate Knights

A new small-scale plastic recycling machine could make 3D printing more environmentally and economically sustainable.

Faster Rate of Evolution? Adapt or Die

By Staff, Utne Reader

Could a faster rate of evolution, driven by new competition, explain the biological “big bang” at the beginning of the Cambrian Era?


Boredom Strikes a Technology-Driven Society

By Staff, Utne Reader

New psychology research from York University in Toronto suggests that boredom could be tied to overstimulation in children and the effects of a technology-driven society.

Foldable Kayak Offers New Way to Explore the City

by Utne Reader staff

The Oru Kayak aims to sustainably and affordably reconnect urbanites with the natural world around them.

Green Building and the Ancient Romans

by Utne Reader staff

How the ancient Romans introduced environmentally-friendly concrete.

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