Science & Technology

Social Media: Don't Be a Stranger

By Adrian Chen, from The New Inquiry

Social media keep old friends close, but the Web used to be for strangers.

Medieval Mummy Head Shows Dark Ages Medicine Wasn't That Dark

By Staff, Utne Reader

Modern historians have found a Medieval mummy head showing that medicine and medical practices during Europe’s Dark Ages weren’t that dark.

Masculinity Crisis: The End of Male

By Zak Stone, from Tomorrow

Traditional manhood aside, today’s real masculinity crisis is biological—environmental endocrine disruptors common in plastics and fertilizers may be contributing to rapidly declining fertility.

The Other Albert Einstein

By Timothy Ferris

Few figures in human history have left a greater mark, but Albert Einstein's legacy is tragically skewed.


The God Problem

By Howard Bloom

How does a godless universe come to create itself? Tackling the next big question in popular science requires a massive paradigm shift in thinking.

The Open Source Revolution

by Nathan Schneider

Occupy Sandy organizers Leah Feder and Devin Balkind discuss how open-source technology can help organize communities, solve problems collectively, and build democratic movements.

Network Society Catalyzes Social Movements

By Manuel Castells

Read about how network society, the interactions between technology and people, has brought people together to create major social movements.

Collaborative Consumption is Overrated

by David Lang

Collaborative consumption is promising, but doesn't have the potential to create high-skilled livelihoods for users like the maker movement.