Science & Technology

Liquid-Hydrogen-Fueled Airplane

By Staff, Utne Reader

England’s Reaction Engines Ltd. is developing a liquid-hydrogen-fueled airplane, called the A2, that would travel at speeds up to Mach 5, pollution-free.

Amazon Mechanical Turk: The Digital Sweatshop

By Ellen Cushing, from East Bay Express

Unbeknownst to most users, our technological revolution depends in large part on the cheap-labor microtasking of Amazon Mechanical Turk and other tech employers.

Climate Change in Schools

By Staff, Utne Reader

Teaching climate change in schools is never easy, but science teachers now face the objections of global warming skeptics and climate change deniers.

The Things They Googled: What Was There Before Google?

By Marion Winik, from The Sun

Marion Winik ponders the world before Google, the endless availability of information, and the necessity of turning to older search engines.


Brain Freeze: For Creative Problem Solving, Forget the Rules

By Staff, Utne Reader

Recent brain research reveals that creative breakthroughs are made when we think with fewer rules.

Bicycling Means Better Business

by Jay Walljasper

Cities across the U.S. discover that good biking attracts great jobs and top talent to their communities.

Palynology and the Uses of Pollen

By Richard Conniff, from Environment Yale

Solving crimes, dating artwork and imagining prehistoric landscapes are among the many uses of pollen in science.

Crowdfunding Goes Hyper-Local

by Beth Buczynski

Thanks to the internet and the rise of collaborative consumption, great ideas can come to life without a loan (or a wealthy relative).