Science & Technology

Video Games for Change

By Anthony Kaufman, special to Utne Reader

Increasingly, video games are being seen less as brain-numbing exercises in distraction and more as potent tools for positive social, personal and political change.

The Quantum Universe: Something Strange Is Afoot

By Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw

Quantum physics is an integral part of human culture—one that explains almost everything. Learn more in this excerpt from “The Quantum Universe.”

The Clean, Green, DIY Washing Machine

by Alison Geisler

Washing my clothes by hand at home with the Breathing Mobile Washer eats into whatever "leisure time" I'd normally have while doing laundry, but the benefits far outweigh the loss of a couple hours of sittin' on my butt.

Houses that Breathe

By Suzanne Lindgren

ARCHIVE Global Brings Healthy Architecture to Haiti.


Cholesterol-Reducing Drugs: The Questionable Benefits of Statins

By Staff, Utne Reader

The benefits of statins — cholesterol-reducing drugs — may be outweighed by the negatives for patients who don’t have pre-existing heart disease.

Geek Nation: How Indian Science Is Taking Over the World

By Angela Saini

“Geek Nation” is a spellbinding account of how India is becoming a global hotbed for scientific innovation.

The Future of Work

By Suzanne Lindgren

Tech trends toward social, mobile, and local can make the way we work more sustainable.

The High-Tech Hobbits of Trout Gulch

By Jon Kalish, from “MAKE Magazine”

At Trout Gulch, an intentional community outside of Santa Cruz, California, internet savvy meets the DIY life to create a vision of the future.