Science & Technology

Word Order: The Internet as the Toy With a Tin Ear

by Lewis H. Lapham

Technological change has a dramatic impact on language. Our cultural vitality depends on keeping that language alive.

Code Year: Get With the Computer Programming

By Staff, Utne Reader

Computer programming languages might as well be Greek to most people, but the new adult curriculum “Code Year” aims to change that.

The Revolution and Its Wi-Fi Swarms

by Will Wlizlo

When a regime shuts down the internet, the helicopters of free information take to the skies...

Stone Age Sex: Neanderthal DNA in Our Blood

By Staff, Utne Reader

Research suggests that Neanderthal DNA enhanced modern human immune systems.


Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

By Staff, Utne Reader

Genetically modified mosquitoes may limit the spread of fatal diseases.

GMAs: Genetically Modified Astronauts

by Will Wlizlo

To scratch out a life on other planets, we may need to tinker with our own DNA...

Galactic Gardens: How to Eat Local in Space

by Margret Aldrich

Astronauts may soon tend gardens on U.S. spacecraft, growing good, old-fashioned vegetables—from radishes and lettuce to cherry tomatoes and mizuna greens—to supplement their space-age meals....  

Code Monkey Academy

by Will Wlizlo

An Internet startup promises that their free software coding course will teach you the skills to create your own website in one year...