Science & Technology

Nukes Are for Kids

by Staff, Utne Reader

The nuclear industry is ensuring schoolchildren learn the ABCs of their radioactive future...

The Measured Life

by Emily Singer, from Technology Review

Vital self-tracking devices promise to make us healthier (and more self-obsessed)...

Coming Soon to a Planet Near You: Asteroids

by Will Wlizlo

Impact Earth! is like a mash-up between Angry Birds and Armageddon, a program that allows you to tweak the size, makeup, velocity, and impact site of an asteroid and volley it toward our unsuspecting, defenseless planet...

The Worst Words

by Danielle Magnuson


Pakistan bans 1,500 naughty words from text messages….


Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Cloud Seeding

by Will Wlizlo

With 32,000 employees and more than 10,000 artillery weapons, China literally has an army assembled to fight the ravages of dry weather...

Disease Diaries

by Staff, Utne Reader

Ten tuberculosis patients from across the globe are chronicling life with their illness to educate the rest of us...

Sister Morphine

by Staff, Utne Reader

A little bit of pain relief goes a long way—if you can get it...

Computer Blue

by Staff, Utne Reader

Number crunchers are touting “predictive policing” as the formula for lower crime rates...

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