Science & Technology

Criminal Minds

by Josh Fischman, from The Chronicle Review

Will testing the brain, even before birth, separate the good seeds from the bad?...

John Warner: Green Chemist

by Staff, Utne Reader

A successful industrial chemist, John Warner helped found the field of green chemistry when he became concerned about artificial toxins in our environment, and in our bodies. Since then he’s done groundbreaking work in promoting a “benign by design” approach to his field...

Stem Cells Could Save Highly Endangered Species

by Beth Buczynski

For the first time ever, cells from the highly endangered white rhino and drill (an African primate) were transformed into stem cells that could hold the key to the future of their respective species...   

Pain for Gain

by Staff, Utne Reader

New research shows that people are willing to harm one another for a paltry amount of cash—sometimes as little as $30...


There’s an App Contest for That

by Staff, Utne Reader

Baltimore’s software developers geek out for the greater good...

What Does a Scientist Look Like?

by Danielle Magnuson


Quick, draw a picture of a scientist. What does the person look like—and what does this image say about the problem recruiting new scientists?...

Fresh, Farm-Raised Grasshoppers

by Margret Aldrich

With the demand for meat expected to nearly double by 2050, two eco-friendly companies endeavor to bring bugs to the dinner table…    

Pronouns Are the Window to the Soul

by Danielle Magnuson


The smallest words in our vocabulary may reveal the most about us, from honesty levels to health status….

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