Science & Technology

Keep That (Donated) Heart Beating

by Danielle Magnuson


Check out this video of a live beating heart in a box—a new technology designed to replace the cooler-and-ice method of donor organ transfer….

Look at My Echo

by Staff, Utne Reader

Echolocation, the ability to “see” the surrounding landscape by interpreting echoes, allows the blind to use tongue clicks and echoes to get around.

Moon Units

by Staff, Utne Reader

A Japanese company has proposed an outlandish idea to meet Earth’s future energy demands—a ring of solar panels around the lunar surface...

Selling Altruism

by Staff, Utne Reader

Can design for the third world be both entrepreneurial and altruistic?...


The Safest Bike Lights in Existence (Thus Far)

by Will Wlizlo

Revolights’s innovative LED lights illuminate the way for urban cyclists...

Cooperation’s Genetic Code

 by David Schimke

Recent research suggests that modern men and women are wired to cooperate, whether they know it or not...

Not So Far Out

by Sam Kornell, from Miller-McCune

Researchers reopen their minds to the healing potential of psychedelic drugs...

Friend Me, Undress Me

by Staff, Utne Reader

FalseFlesh takes online creeping to a whole new level...

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