Science & Technology

The Healing Power of Cockroaches

by David DiSalvo, from Mental Floss

One reason why you might reconsider stepping on the roach scurrying across your kitchen floor...

Blogging from the Frontlines of TB

by Danielle Magnuson


Grace Lamwaka, a Uganda woman with tuberculosis, blogs about her disease via the new TB&ME project by Doctors Without Borders.

Inside the Meat-Processing Plant

by Will Wlizlo

Two recent articles illuminate the secret grotesquerie of the meat industry...

The Lost Art of Dictation

by Amy Rowland, from The Smart Set

Before voice recognition software, there were women...


Tripping on Krokodil

by Will Wlizlo

A cheap heroin substitute is rotting Russian junkies from the inside out...

The Thunderstorm is Half-Full

by Will Wlizlo

If the weatherman lied to you, would it make terrible weather more bearable? Designers of a new Smartphone application think so...

Hands Off My Gender

by Danielle Magnuson


Ambiguous genitalia, otherwise known as disorders of sex development, is present in some 2,600 babies each year in the United States. This is Jim's story...

How a Bicycle Works: Not Like We Thought

 by Keith Goetzman

What makes a bike stay upright? Scientists are finding that the physics of biking are surprisingly complex …