Science & Technology

The Science of Grave Robbing

by Staff, Utne Reader

A recent amendment to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act further complicates the already-strained relationship between Native Americans and archaeologists...

The Narcissism Myth

by Claire Gordon, from The Huffington Post

A millennial sticks up for her generation, because that’s what they would want...

The Other Shoes Don’t Fit

by Staff, from Psychotherapy Networker

What happens when narcissists grow up and have kids? You won’t empathize...

Let’s Roll

by Staff, Utne Reader

Trick-out your wheelchair with flamethrowers and an ejection seat...


Just a Dose Will Do

by Staff, Utne Reader

Alleviating hunger with a bottle cap’s worth of fertilizer...

The Online Afterlife

by Staff, Utne Reader

How long will your ghost of tweets-past haunt cyberspace?...

Sexless in the City

by Staff, Utne Reader

The fruitless search for a “pink Viagra”...

Latitude for Aptitude

by Staff, Utne Reader

Children from higher latitudes may have an academic leg up on their equatorial kin...

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