Science & Technology

Just a Dose Will Do

by Staff, Utne Reader

Alleviating hunger with a bottle cap’s worth of fertilizer...

The Online Afterlife

by Staff, Utne Reader

How long will your ghost of tweets-past haunt cyberspace?...

Sexless in the City

by Staff, Utne Reader

The fruitless search for a “pink Viagra”...

Latitude for Aptitude

by Staff, Utne Reader

Children from higher latitudes may have an academic leg up on their equatorial kin...


The Good Green Blimp

by Staff, Utne Reader

Air cargo is about to go steampunk...

Energy Psychology: Snake Oil or Super Cure?

by Margret Aldrich

A skeptical psychologist is surprised by the practical success of energy psychology—an immediate cure for what ails you, executed by simply tapping on acupressure points on your skin…

A Girl Named Facebook

by Will Wlizlo

Facebook is the first daughter of the Egyptian Revolution—and no, we’re not talking about the social networking site...

Can You Hear Us Now?

by Frank Bures, from World Ark

Why technology is Africa’s latest, greatest poverty fighter