Science & Technology

Can You Hear Us Now?

by Frank Bures, from World Ark

Why technology is Africa’s latest, greatest poverty fighter  

No One Will Grow Old Alone

by Brad Zellar

Will robots keep you company when there's no one else who cares?

Condoms 2.0

by Will Wlizlo

Rubbers are getting a digital, design-savvy makeover for their hot date with the 21st century.

Video: Man Becomes Cyborg

by David Doody

A technology journalist tries out a robotic exoskeleton…


In Search of the Insanity Virus

by Keith Goetzman, Utne Reader

New research suggests that viral infections during infancy could cause schizophrenia...

Beating Up Parkinson’s

by Staff, Utne Reader

Parkinson’s patients are the latest beneficiaries of music therapy...

The Dow of Tweet

by Staff, Utne Reader

The mood of the Twitterverse can sink or swell your stocks...

Apps Are for Kids

by Margret Aldrich

In a world with 27,000 terrible apps aimed at the kiddie set, who will serve as curator?...