Science & Technology

The Negative Effects of Online Reading

By Michael Agresta, from The Texas Observer

We can do a lot of things online, but remembering what we read isn’t one of them.

Limiting Screen Time for Kids in a Digital World

By Dee Dee Risher, from Geez

One parent’s struggle to maintain a technological balance in her household.

Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?

By nik harron

We may be living within an “ancestor simulation” being conducted by our future descendants.

Techno-Optimism: The World's Transformation Since the Industrial Revolution

By Jay Cornell

When technology arrived in the 1700s, the shape of the world changed dramatically. A feeling of techno-optimism began to grow and has continued to grow since then in the form of new technologies. But is it about to go too far?


Utne Reader Bookshelf: Science & Tech

A selection of books that pique our interest.

Null Results, No Headlines

By Soli Salgado

Publication bias within scientific journals typically disregards research that fails to find a link between two things.

The Literal Pain in Your Neck

By Soli Salgado

Looking down at your phone for too long adds significant stress to the neck and spine.

Everything in Moderation, Especially Facebook

by Christian Williams

Ensuring that a technology designed to bring us closer together doesn't make us strangers to each other.

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