Science & Technology

Null Results, No Headlines

By Soli Salgado

Publication bias within scientific journals typically disregards research that fails to find a link between two things.

The Literal Pain in Your Neck

By Soli Salgado

Looking down at your phone for too long adds significant stress to the neck and spine.

Everything in Moderation, Especially Facebook

by Christian Williams

Ensuring that a technology designed to bring us closer together doesn't make us strangers to each other.

Parents Could Be Held Liable for Kids’ Facebook Activity

By Soli Salgado

Cyberbullying may result in charges against parents for negligence.


One Step Closer Toward Telepathic Communication

By Soli Salgado

Scientists successfully conduct brain-to-brain communication across countries.

Leaving Google for DuckDuckGo

By Julia Angwin, excerpted from Dragnet Nation

Believe it or not, there is a search engine that doesn't invade your online privacy.

Turning Up the Heat

By Katie Moore

An initiative utilizing "algorithmic advocacy" wants to bring better winter heating to tenants.

Mindful Mapping

By Katie Moore

New mapping projects bring the human touch to getting directions.

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