Science & Technology

Calling All Women

By Katie Moore

Cell phone services are being developed to feel a bit safer.

Read and Repel

By Katie Moore

A newspaper becomes a bug repellent using citronella infused ink.

Do-Gooder Drones

By Katie Moore

Unmanned aerial vehicles can be utilized for social good.

A Gadget to Help Your Green Thumb

By Katie Moore

Edyn Garden Sensor notifies gardeners about water and soil conditions.


Another Reason Not to Judge a Book by its Cover

By Katie Moore

The 20 pages in The Drinkable Book could save many lives.

Solar Roadways: A Path to Renewable Energy

By Katie Moore

Modular solar panels will capture the sun's rays as we drive, bike, and play.

The Exosuit Opens New Frontiers for Science

by Trinica Sampson

This high-tech diving suit will change the future of oceanography and medical science.

Albert Einstein, the Humanitarian

By Alice Calaprice; compiled by Walt Martin and Magda Ott

Along with his renowned scientific accomplishments, Albert Einstein should be acknowledged for his humanitarian struggles to achieve peace and international cooperation.

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