Science & Technology

Pop-Up House: The Affordable Passive House

by Trinica Sampson

The Pop-Up House makes passive construction easy with a Lego-like assembly.

Print Your Own Disease-Detecting Microscope for 50 Cents

by Trinica Sampson

A bioengineering assistant professor at Stanford University has created a functional paper microscope for only $0.50.

De-Extinction Brings Dead Species Back to Life

by Trinica Sampson

With technology reminiscent of Jurassic Park, scientists plan to revive long-extinct species like the passenger pigeon.

Moss-Powered Electricity

by Trinica Sampson

Are mosses the new solar panels?


A Portable Micro Home is the New American Dream

by Katherine Jennings

This student-designed micro home is completely self-sufficient and can be towed by your average car.

Menstrual Man: The Sanitary Pad Movement Sweeping Across India

by Trinica Sampson

How one dropout-turned-entrepreneur revolutionized menstrual sanitation for women in developing nations.

The World's Most Innovative Water Pump

by Trinica Sampson

How the NSP Solar Pump will modernize access to sanitary drinking water around the world.

Go Baby Go: Toy Cars for Kids with Disabilities

by Trinica Sampson

Disabled kids can now receive physical therapy while driving their own modified cars.