Science & Technology

Menstrual Man: The Sanitary Pad Movement Sweeping Across India

by Trinica Sampson

How one dropout-turned-entrepreneur revolutionized menstrual sanitation for women in developing nations.

The World's Most Innovative Water Pump

by Trinica Sampson

How the NSP Solar Pump will modernize access to sanitary drinking water around the world.

Go Baby Go: Toy Cars for Kids with Disabilities

by Trinica Sampson

Disabled kids can now receive physical therapy while driving their own modified cars.

Knowledge Engineering: Computer Written Fiction

By Peter Swirski

Through the evolution of knowledge engineering, computer written fiction could be a stepping stone in technology that has yet to be defined.


A Symbol for Sustainability in London

by Katherine Jennings

London's Blackfriars Train Station is now the world's largest solar bridge.

DNA Barcoding and Citizen Science

by Ellen Jorgensen

Easy enough for kids and amateur scientists to use, you might say DNA barcoding is inherently democratic.

Your Brain on Video Games

by Trinica Sampson

Video games may one day be used to treat learning disabilities.

The Blood Bank's Fishy Solution

by Utne Reader staff

Arctic Cod may hold the key to a more efficient method for storing blood.

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