Science & Technology

Fighting Bacteria with Biomimicry

By Staff, Utne Reader

Through biomimicry, researchers have developed a silicone surface for fighting bacteria that was inspired by the microscopic spikes on dragonfly wings.

Rise in Autism Travels Through Generations

By Jane Kay, from Environmental Health News

Synthetic hormones prescribed in the 1960s for fertility may have endangered multiple generations, perhaps even causing the recent rise in autism, according to new epigenetic research.

The Wello WaterWheel

by Katherine Jennings

A simple yet innovative product makes accessing clean water more sustainable.

Mind Over Matter: Using EEG to Improve Focus

by Trinica Sampson

New advancements in EEG technology allow the average consumer to unleash their inner Jedi via headset.


MARLIN Makes Traffic Lights Smarter

by Trinica Sampson

A self-learning traffic system means less waiting at intersections.

Burning Man Bridges Information Gap in Afghanistan

By Brian Calvert, from Pacific Standard

Dr. Dave Warner tries to redeem the debacle of the war in Afghanistan through the gospel of open information and Burning Man ideals.

Community Mesh Network: The DIY Internet

By Staff, Utne Reader

Community mesh networks let users escape NSA surveillance programs (and high broadband prices) by building their own DIY internet.

Finally, a Fair Trade Smartphone

By Staff, Utne Reader

Fairphone, the first fair trade smartphone, makes its debut.

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