Swear Off Your Smartphone and Save Lives

| 2/24/2014 12:13:00 PM


The UNICEF Tap Project encourages smartphone users to put down their phones to save a child’s life.

768 million people across the globe do not have access to clean drinking water, and every day, 1,400 children die from diseases related to unsafe water or a lack of sanitation facilities. Most people living in the United States would not be able to imagine a life without water. The UNICEF Tap Project provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the privileges we take for granted, such as access to clean water and the internet.

For World Water Day, UNICEF has launched its eighth annual Tap Project. This year, the project is encouraging smartphone users to abandon their reliance on their cell phones for ten minutes at a time. For every ten minutes a user spends without their phone, UNICEF’s sponsor, Giorgio Armani Fragrances, will provide the funding equivalent for one day of clean water to a child in need. Go to tap.unicefusa.org to take part.

Photo by Vernon Chan, licensed under Creative Commons. 

6/13/2014 12:33:28 PM

Wow! Since fragrance is one of the world's major toxic water and air pollutants, do you see a problem here?

2/28/2014 8:50:37 AM

People are reliant on internet and this makes us more lazy forgettings we learned in school. I as well would rather type a message than write a message with pen/pencil and papper. I used to read books now I only read online although I spend countless hours at libraries it is mostly for wifi how sad.

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