This cutting-edge, practical information - presented in an easy-to-use format with color photos, charts and diagrams - breaks down the nutritional values and benefits of more than 180 specific and popular foods. A vital tool for creating a healthy diet, this reference is organized by food group, and the helpful tips, detailed food combination charts, and customized diet recommendations can be put to use right away.

    Item: 7162

    Author: Manfred Urs Koch

    Format: Paperback


    Kimberley Hasselbrink, the photographer behind The Year in Food, invites you to look at ingredients differently and let their colors inspire you: the shocking fluorescent pink of a chard stem, the deep reds and purples of baby kale leaves, the bright shades of green that emerge in the spring, and even the calm yellows and whites of so many winter vegetables. Thinking about produce in terms of color can reinvigorate your relationship with food, and in this collection of recipes, Hasselbrink employs aesthetics, flavor and texture to build gorgeous yet unfussy dishes for every season.

    Item: 7816

    Author: Kimberley Hasselbrink

    Format: Hardcover

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