Dehydrating at Home is a practical guide to transforming perishable fruits, vegetables and meats, as well as nuts, seeds, herbs and spices, into a pantry of nutritional wonders with a long shelf life. The book takes readers through the entire process for each type of dehydrating with delicious recipes and handy hints and tips. Practical step-by-step instructions ensure that dehydrations are perfect the first time and every time, and innovative flavor combinations will inspire dehydrated delicacies.

The book gives experienced advice on all aspects of food dehydrating, including:

• The advantages of dehydrating at home

• How a food dehydrator works its magic while preventing bacteria growth

• Notes on food safety and retaining flavor and color

• Foods best suited to dehydration • Variables that affect drying time, such as humidity, food thickness, fat and sugar content

• Preparing food for dehydration

• How to prevent unwanted browning of fruits

• Safe storage

• How to purchase and maintain a dehydrator, plus the best accessories.

Seven chapters cover all foods that can be dehydrated:

• Fruits … Quick and easy recipes include Double-Dehydrated Coconut Bananas, Apple Pie Cookies, and Watermelon Chips with Lime

• Vegetables … Savory snacks and recipes for preserving a harvest include Kale Chips, Maple-Dipped Fiddleheads, Garlic Zucchini Chips, Honey Orange Beet Chips, and Jalapenos

• Leathers … Roll- Ups that children (and adults) will love include Strawberry and Apple, Blueberry with Lemon Curd, and Polka Dot Fruit

• Jerky … Easy recipes for meat, poultry, and fish jerky include Classic Beef, Teriyaki Beef, Turkey, Smoked Salmon, and Chinese Pork

• Nuts and Seeds … Delicious, high-protein snacks full of healthy fats include Cajun Pecans, Tamari Almonds, and Flaxseed Crackers

• Herbs and Seasonings …Delicious, long-lasting ingredients for aromatic additions to every meal include herbs (such as parsley, chives and, thyme, etc.), vegetable powders, ginger and hot chili flakes

• Pet Treats …The easy ways to watch the health of a pet include Sweet Potato Treats, Chicken Treats, and Salmon Skin Nip.

Dehydrating at Home is the ideal reference for both cooks new to dehydrating and those with extensive experience.

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