Make your own tangy feta, Greek yogurt, and yogurt cream cheese with an Urban Cheesecraft Kit!

Your DIY Kit includes these carefully selected and tested supplies:

  • Instruction/recipe handbook and unlimited email support
  • Fine mesh, 100 percent cotton cheesecloth (also known as butter muslin)
  • Glass dairy thermometer (alcohol, not mercury)
  • Vegetarian rennet tablets
  • Yogurt starter cultures
  • Pure, non-iodized, non-GMO flake salt

The ingredients allow you to make at least eight batches of feta and about 24 batches of yogurt treats. You can reuse the recipes, thermometer, and cloth and find refills of rennet tablets and salt in the Urban Cheesecraft shop online when you run out. You use your yogurt to culture future batches of yogurt, so you're set.

Simply add cow's or goat's milk and you will be eating and sharing homemade, all-natural feta, Greek yogurt and yogurt cream cheese! Pasteurized store-bought or raw farm-fresh milk both work.

A batch is about 8 ounces to 1.5 pounds (depending on what you make), so you'll have plenty of supplies to experiment with different herbs, shapes, and recipes.

This kit is perfect for beginners who have experience making a couple of simple fresh cheeses, such as our quick mozzarella. The steps are not more difficult, but the recipes take longer and require the confidence acquired with a little familiarity. Learn more about One Hour Cheese here!

Though these are not instant treats, the wait times are minimal and worth it!

  • Plain yogurt (the starter) is ready in 12 hours or more (most of it being passive wait time)
  • Greek yogurt takes another four hours or more
  • Yogurt cream cheese takes another eight hours or more
  • Feta requires 1/4 cup of yogurt (store bought or homemade) and is ready in one week (Compare that to recipes that take 3 months!)

FOOD SAFETY AND HANDLING: Please note that this kit and its supplies are hand-poured, hand-folded, and assembled in a food-safe, fully licensed space. The food items are all gluten-free but packaged in a room that comes in contact with wheat, soy, corn, nuts, and other food allergens. The kits are also vegetarian-friendly.

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