As the backyard chicken movement continues to grow, GRIT magazine is pleased to bring readers the fifth edition of Grit Guide to Backyard Chickens. With 100 pages filled with all things chickens, this special guide covers everything you need to know about raising and keeping chickens, whether you live on a 100-acre farm or in a city suburb. There are more than 57 keys to having a healthy, productive flock that you can benefit from - via eggs and meat! - and enjoy.

Nearly 20 articles fill this glossy-paged resource, and they are penned by the top experts in the poultry industry. Whether you are just starting your chicken-raising adventure or are a seasoned chicken farmer, you will find something in this guide worth crowing about, whether it be a tip to keep predators away or instructions on building the perfect chicken tractor. Every reader can find something to benefit from here.

Read proven advice on chicken breed selection, heritage breeds and modern hybrids. Discover how to use your flock to turn over your garden soil and keep pests away. Learn how to build a weatherproof, pest-proof chicken feeder that discourages mold and mice. Facts about other poultry are also covered, with nine facts you didn't know about the humble turkey and how to add waterfowl to your backyard flock.

Also included are delicious recipes that you can enjoy (and know that most or all of the ingredients came from you own backyard). They include Cheesy Egg Casserole, Vanilla Pound Cake, Moroccan Chicken With Eggplant-Zucchini Ragout, Lancaster Country Casserole, and much more.

More articles include:

  • Hatch a Flock: Insider tips on incubating eggs.
  • Eggscellent-Laying Heritage Hens: Rare domesticated animals need engaged stewards to survive.
  • Get Smart! Protecting the Flock From Predators: Knowing the enemy is the first step to keeping your chickens safe.
  • Building the Whizbang Plucker: Take the tedium out of processing meat chickens.
  • Portable DIY Chicken Tractors for Any Budget: Tested over time, here are three portable laying-hen coops that might suit your homeplace.

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