Maximize the returns from your garden. Learn how to grow more of what you eat. Read top tips for growing and preserving your own harvest. Lead a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Learn 12 tips for maximize gas mileage. You can achieve all this and more with the help of the Mother Earth News Wiser Living Resource Set. Six guides in all make up this spectacular set that includes some of the magazine's most popular articles on organic gardening, preserving the harvest, green cars, saving money on food bills, baking easy homemade bread and more.

This set includes:
Mother Earth News Guide to Growing Your Own Food, 4th Edition
With beautiful color photos, this guide has the information to help readers have a self-sufficient life, starting in their own backyards. Learn a better way to fertilize your garden, read about tips for vertical gardening techniques and maximizing returns, follow instructions to build an affordable, portable and predator-proof chicken coop, and more.

Mother Earth News Guide to Self-Reliance and Country Skills
Are you looking for an easy-to-read guide that provides you with all the information you need to lead a self-reliant lifestyle? This excellent resource will show you how to make your own herbal medicine, rodent-proof your house, bake easy homemade bread and choose the best backyard chicken breeds.

Mother Earth News Guide to Real Food All Year
Filled with nearly 20 articles that instruct, help and point readers in the right direction for eating fresh food all year long, Guide to Real Food All Year covers everything from drying tomatoes to making your own cider, from growing great salads to saving time and energy with pressure cookers. Readers will learn how to choose inexpensive cuts of grass-fed beef, how to grow colorful heirloom corns, and how to dry the harvest they buy to make homegrown snacks and convenience foods for year-round eating.

Mother Earth News Guide to Organic Gardening, 3rd Edition
This glossy-paged guide has everything you need to create the garden of your dreams. Everything from natural insect control to tomato cage plans, from fertilizer to growing berries is covered in this helpful guide. Read all about growing cucumbers, berries and lettuce. Learn the best vegetables to grow in the shade and create your own edible landscape. Discover why poultry is your garden's secret weapon and much more.

Mother Earth News Guide to Green Cars
Just how high will gas prices go? Nobody knows, but you can save money on gas now and find the right fuel-efficient vehicle for your needs via our new Guide to Green Cars. With reviews of more than 50 cars that get 35-plus mpg, proven tips for maximizing mpg, and the latest on hybrid, electric, clean diesel and flex-fuel vehicles, this 100-page special issue will be an invaluable resource whether you need a new ride now or down the road.

Mother Earth News How to Grow and Preserve Your Own Food, 3rd Edition
From cover to cover, this resource guide contains tips and techniques for growing your own fruits and vegetables, and for preserving them using simple, easy-to-learn techniques. Learn how to grow winter tomatoes indoors all through the season; harvest the freshest mushrooms with the help of a do-it-yourself kit; discover how to make sauerkraut; and more.

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