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There is nothing quite like watching the interesting animals in your yard. In Natural Birdhouses, you’ll find instructions for making birdhouses, feeders, bat houses, and pollinator houses using materials that you can find locally for free.

In Natural Birdhouses, you’ll learn how to make such projects as:

    • Flat-top birdhouse with a porch and perch
    • Flat-top with a roof garden
    • Alpine birdhouse
    • Alpine lodge with perching annex
    • Alpine birdhouse with columns
    • The "Love Bird" house
    • Ground house
    • Open-top nesting cradle

    Encourage wildlife into your garden with these unique, handcrafted homes for birds, bats, and bugs. Find out how to make them, where to position them for different species, and how to provide food, nesting materials, and shelter for your wild neighbors.

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    Pages: 128

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    ISBN-13: 978-1-63220-709-8

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