Imagine the satisfaction of growing fresh, just-picked goodness that comes right from your own backyard. With the interest in natural foods and getting “back to basics” ever on the rise, what better place to start than at home? Whether you are an avid gardener or have never sown a seed, you can experience the nutritious bounty of your own vegetable garden.

Internationally recognized gardener Carol Klein shares her expert advice on growing vegetables, guiding readers through every step, from planning a garden site in outdoor space of any kind to harvesting and serving your homegrown goodies. With step-by-step illustrated growing instructions for 40 garden favorites, logically organized into groups with similar characteristics, Vegetable Gardening is a beautiful and comprehensive manual.

Inside Vegetable Gardening, you’ll find information on:

• Evaluating your growing space and picking the best spot for planting

• Factoring your soil type and climate into your decisions on what to grow

• Keeping your plants healthy with proper irrigation and natural pest control

• Container-garden and raised-bed instructions for those with limited outdoor space

• A season-by-season checklist of how you can maintain your garden year-round

• Planting, growing, and harvesting instructions for 40 vegetables categorized in 9 different groups, including salad vegetables, root vegetables, beans and peas, perennials, the cabbage family, and more

• Suggestions for storing and cooking with your fresh vegetables

Category: Gardening

Pages: 224

ISBN-10: 1620082089

ISBN-13: 978-1620082089

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