Utne Independent Press Awards: 2011 Nominees 


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The exceptional magazines nominated for the 22nd annual Utne Independent Press Awards represent the best of what we read in 2010. And we read a lot. Nearly 1,300 periodicals route through the Utne Reader office; whittling that number down to 64—truly the pride of the alternative press—is a formidable task.

As nomination time nears, our editorial team trolls Utne’s extensive library stacks. We pore over the year’s most exciting and affecting ideas, peruse examples of shockingly good writing, and admire elements from covers to coverage. When we gather to deliberate, we often find that every independent magazine has a friend at Utne Reader, making debates and voting that much more spirited.   

The winners in each category will be announced at the Magazine Publishers of America’s Independent Magazine Media Conference in San Francisco in May and published in our July-August 2011 issue. To all the publications nominated, congratulations on a crackerjack year of vital, dynamic work.

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