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Every month, Utne Reader presents free, downloadable music gleaned from current and upcoming releases on independent labels. This sampler was curated by senior editor Keith Goetzman, with assistance from Will Wlizlo.

Stornoway cover

It’s tough to resist the earnest, uplifting, folk-tinged Brit-pop of Stornoway, whose Beachcomber's Windowsill comes out August 10 on 4AD. 

Track: “Zorbing” by Stornoway

Elf PowerElf Power
Elf Power is often tagged as a psychedelic band, but their new self-titled album, coming out September 14 on Orange Twin, showcases the mellower folk-rock sound that has always lurked beneath their trippy sonic flourishes. It’s a comedown with a sweetly soft landing.

 “Stranger in the Window” by Elf Power

Lost in the TreesLost in the Trees
The precocious Chapel Hill ensemble calls its sound “orchestral folk music,” bringing a symphonic sensibility to pop song structures. Their All Alone in an Empty House comes out August 10 on Anti.

 “Fireplace” by Lost in the Trees

Laya ProjectShaheema
Two years ago, the Laya Project compiled music from areas ravaged by the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami. Now, a team of global DJs like Cheb I Sabbah, MC Yogi, and Bombay Dub Orchestra have turned those tunes into an electronic feast for the ears on A New Day: Laya Project Remixed, which comes out August 17 on Earthsync.

 “Farihi (Fabian Alsultany Remix)” by Shaheema

Vijay IyerVijay Iyer
A much-lauded jazz pianist, Iyer plays nimbly in many ensembles and settings—but he really shines on Solo, his first unaccompanied recording, which comes out August 31 on ACT Music + Vision. Bursting with both emotion and intelligence, this album is a dispatch from the vibrant forefront of jazz.

 “One for Blount” by Vijay Iyer

Cloud CultCloud Cult
The large musical collective Cloud Cult has always had a metaphysical bent, and they indulge it fully on the epic-sounding Light Chasers, which comes out September 14 on their own Earthology label. Inspired by the birth of bandleader Craig Minowa’s child, this music sends out pulsing rays of hope.

 “You’ll Be Bright (Invocation Pt. 1)” by Cloud Cult

3 Leg Torso3 Leg Torso
Folk, classical, jazz, and the avant garde intermingle in the passionately sophisticated music of Portland ensemble 3 Leg Torso. This leadoff track from their new Animals & Cannibals (August 10, Meester Records) is named after one of the band’s favorite Japanese composers.

 “Akiko Yano” by 3 Leg Torso

The Chapin SistersThe Chapin Sisters
A little bit spooky and a little bit charming, the Chapin Sisters apply folk-style harmonies to songs with pop and rock underpinnings. Originally a trio, they are a duo on Two (September 14, Lake Bottom Records) while their sister stays home with a new baby.

 “Palm Tree” by the Chapin Sisters

What is the sound of a popsicle melting in the summer sun? Young neoclassical composer Goldmund tries to answer that question on his forthcoming release Famous Places (Western Vinyl), on which icy piano gradually melts into warm pools of sticky-sweet ambience. The album will be out August 24. —Will Wlizlo

  “Alberta” by Goldmund

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