The tracks for the September 2010 sampler are no longer available. Please visit the latest sampler for more tracks! 


Every month, Utne Reader presents free, downloadable music gleaned from current and upcoming releases on independent labels. This sampler was curated by editorial intern Will Wlizlo.

Sarah Kirkland SniderSarah Kirkland SniderThis collaboration between composer Sarah Kirkland Snider, the chamber orchestra Signal, and vocal virtuoso Shara Worden is truly epic—so it is only appropriate that the story of Penelope would loosely follow the storyline of Homer’s epic poem, the Odyssey. Bring these musical heroes home on October 26 (New Amsterdam Records).

 Track: “Calypso” by Sarah Kirkland Snider


Sharon Van EttenSharon Van EttenAlthough Epic is Sharon Van Etten’s sophomore album—out October 5 on Ba Da Bing—she has the nuanced emotional range, hook sensibility, and thoughtful instrumentation of a veteran songstress. This album is peaceful, somber, and celebratory all at the same time.

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