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David Simon | Alice Dreger | Peter Beilenson | Jim Gerritsen | Lera Boroditsky | David Korten | Diana Beresford-Kroeger | John Warner | Gary Paul Nabhan | Heather Jarvis and Sonya JF Barnett | Peter Williams | Tim DeChristopher | Representative Keith Ellison | Dr. Tabatha Parker | Azzam Alwash | Carl Safina | Humira Saqeb | Debbie Sease | Orayne Williams | Faith Gemmill | Paula Cannon | Tom Philpott | Monica Vela | Parker J. Palmer 

David Simon: Television Man
David-Simon-sm.jpgThrough shows like the highly acclaimed The Wire, Generation Kill, and Treme, David Simon has shown that television can be more than a tool for appeasing audiences and stoking ratings. It can be a medium that forces us to reconsider our world.

Watch Bill Moyers interview David Simon on Bill Moyers Journal in 2009.
Read an interviews with The Progressive magazine, and Vice magazine.
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